The secret to serving is really not a secret at all. When Jesus Christ fills your life, you have the potential to become servant-minded and selfless in service for Him. The truth is, if you are a Christian, you have been given a chance to trade a life of self-absorbed selfishness for a life of rewarding service for Jesus. Just to make sure we get this truth, Jesus lived His entire life in service to others.  

One of the greatest things about serving is that you leave behind a better world. You make life a little bit better for someone who has been beaten down by sin. When you pour out your life in Christian service you actually become more like Jesus. 

This Summer you have a chance to connect with others in acts of selfless service. You can make this a Summer of Serving. 


July 1 | Summer of Serving – Lessons from those who have served

July 8  | Summer of Serving – The Three Areas of Service

July 15 | Summer of Serving – Discovering How God Shaped You for Serving

July 22 |  Summer of Serving – Identifying your Unique S.H.A.P.E. for Serving

August 5 |  Summer of Serving – Monitoring your Heart for Service

August 12 |  Summer of Serving – Applying your Abilities, Personalities and Experiences for Service

August 19 |  Summer of Serving – Get on a Ministry Team and Serve