What’s your story? 

Everyone has a story. Stories are written so that others can read them. They are written and told to inspire and move people. When we share the story of how Jesus changed our life we bring the Good News of God’s love to life. Join us this April at ABT as we share stories about the change Jesus has brought into the lives of people just like you. Maybe this is the year that Jesus enters the narrative for you. What is the story of your life?

Come hangout with us this Sunday at 10:45am in The Bridge, and see the difference God can make in your life.


WEEK 3 : Stephen Carter

“I grew up “knowing” Jesus but never really knowing Him, porn led me away from God, but God never gave up and His Grace saved my life.”

WEEK 2 : Larry McLaughlin

“My life with Jesus isn’t perfect but it helps me get through the difficult times”

WEEK 1 : Jordan Jeter

“My longing for security and stability in my life led me to place my identity in the hands of other people.”