3rd – 5th Grade

2nd hour: 10:45am

What is Kidz City?Kidz City is the coolest experience around for kids – and you can only find it on Sunday mornings at ABT! Meeting each Sunday morning at 10:45am, kids can expect fun, excitement and an experience like they have never seen before at church!

One of the first things that catches the eye is the second-to-none setting for Kidz City. Brick walls covered in graffiti, a colorfully lit stage that hosts weekly lessons and skits and a huge projection screen and booming sound system that presents the latest in Christian music and videos welcome all visitors. Kids can also expect to be comfortable while hearing a message planned just for them from God’s Word sitting in the comfy beanbag chairs and the ultra-cool and colorful inflatable furniture that you will only find in Kidz City.

Arcade in the City
When not enjoying the lesson and skits, games that are the best kids will find outside of an arcade are all available! From the two Nintendo Wii game systems playing on 32” flat screen televisions to the air hockey and foosball tables to Dance Dance Revolution to the always-popular and stocked craft room, there is no room for down time in Kidz City. Visit one of them or visit all of them…each are free and ready for fun!

God’s Word in the City
Lesson time in Kidz City can be described as “real”, “relevant” and “really cool”! The message is delivered to the kids in a way that they can relate to – one that they can take into their schools and neighborhoods and share with their friends. Lessons speak to kids in the place that they are at, talking to their needs and their interests in a way that they can relate to. If you have never seen lessons with things exploding, kids dressed in costumes and a ton of excited screams – you haven’t seen a lesson in Kidz City!

Experience the City!
Kidz City is not just about the most exciting lessons around on our Heavenly Father and games that are arcade-quality! Kids can expect to do monthly crafts that are hands-on, messy and amazing! From Slime to Clay Pens to Tie-Dye t-shirts, crafts in Kidz City are like none you have ever made before. Each week there’s a great chance that kids won’t leave Kidz City without some kind of delicious candy such as Ring Pops, Skittles, Air Heads, Everlasting Gobstoppers and more!

Prizes in the City!
The monthly prizes could not be bigger than you find in Kidz City. Each month, kids have the chance to win prizes, but here is only one way to win, and that is to be in Kidz City!

For more information about Kidz City, upcoming events and giveaways or to volunteer based on your availability, contact Kathy Holland at