There is a tsunami of bad news flooding over our minds on a daily basis. The news comes to us in 24-hour cycles with updates at the top of every hour. The waves of negative information by way of social media are happening virtually every minute of every day. Rarely is the news good. Is it any wonder that so many people surrender to feeling hopeless?

Hopelessness is the father of addictions, broken relationships and it ultimately can bring you to the place where you lose your will to live. But, there is good news for the hopeless and this good news has a name. His name is Jesus.

Hope in Jesus shines brightest when the hour is the darkest.

Hope in Jesus motivates when discouragement comes.

Hope in Jesus give you energy when you are tired.

Hope in Jesus sings when all melodies are gone.

Hope in Jesus climbs over obstacles that appear to be impossible.

Hope in Jesus presses you forward when can’t think of a reason to go on.

This March at ABT we will talk about how to be at peace in the midst of the storms of life. Only real hope based on real truth can carry you through and beyond the negatives that are drowning you. Together we will find that HOPE LIVES in Jesus.