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HELP! | September 2014



Everyone needs help at some time in his or her life. And, it is during these difficult times we are able to learn some of the deepest truths about God’s sustaining love. The key to overcoming these difficult times is to plan in advance. We must know God’s plan for giving and receiving help during a time of crisis.

This September we will be talking about how to help a friend or family member through the toughest of times. Divorce, debt, depression, and death are all realities that touch us and people all around us. You can’t stop the storms from coming but you can be ready to accept and give help.

September 7 : Helping friends & family through the loss of a loved one

September 14 : Helping friends & family through a relational conflict

September 21 : Helping friends & family through a financial crisis

September 28 : Helping friends & family through seasons of discouragement

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