Location and Time: Bldg. 4, Door 4A, 9:30am

The goal of Real Families is to build strong families in a small group setting centered on God’s principles. Engaged, married, with or without children, blended family or single parent, this is a place to find encouragement, support, and insights from God’s Word about growing our family relationships.


Generations, with Larry and Patti Knight
Location and Time: Room 214 (Memorial Chapel), Bldg. 2 (Door 2C), 10:45am
Exciting Bible study every Sunday morning.  This group loves to laugh and there are plenty of get-togethers outside the class to socialize and build relationships.


Cornerstone, with Gary and Alice Chaplin
Location and Time: Classroom 112 (Door 3A), 10:45am
Using expository teaching combined with discussion and interaction, this class uncovers the great truths of God’s words and how it still applies in today’s world.


Friendship Class, with Pastor Bob Patterson, Neal Kendall, Pastor Randy Vandemark
Location and Time:, Fellowship Chapel, Bldg. 2 (Door 2B or 2C) 10:45am
Expository Bible study and group discussion.  Lots of social interaction outside of the Sunday classroom setting.