Christ. Community. Purpose. | January 2019

Connecting to a church community is essential if you ever hope to become everything God created you to be. Belonging to a Christ focused local church community allows you to:


  • Grow spiritually stronger through worship 
  • Be nurtured through discipleship 
  • Become encouraged through fellowship
  • Be complete as you partner with others and serve.

According to the scriptures and the practices of the early church, Christian community has both an inward and outward focus. The key to being effective is to be balanced. A church that only is focused internally will in time become old and die. A church that is out of balance with its outward focus will become shallow and fall into false doctrine and unscriptural practices.

Connect Church is committed to being balanced as community of believers with a passionate heart for the community outside the walls of the church while at the same time growing in love for the community of believers that assembles each weekend.

A church committed to a balanced view of community will shift away from a focus on church buildings and programs and emphasize the mission of growing Christian disciples. This what we mean at Connect Church when we say we are committed to connect people to community.